Sunday, February 24, 2008

African Savanna Special - March 26, 2008

Africa - the unknown continent that warrants at least one visit in a lifetime.

The vast plains and deserts that stretch out on extensive terrain, countless tribes and religions, and a variety of natural environments ? all such unique features co-exist sustaining Africa’s distinctive traditions and aboriginal culture. The African people are experts at living harmoniously with nature. This African Savanna Special Stamp derives its motive from the nature and tribal life of Africa ? things we conceive as something remote and far away.

Among the animals that migrate through the huge African savanna, familiar breeds such as leopard, elephant and zebra are featured in the new stamps in an endearing style, along with the compassionate face of an African child and an African traditional mask that projects Africa’s unique zest. Overlapping the child’s face is a whirlwind design that symbolizes the sun. The amusing mask featured in the stamp was created by combining the mask commonly used in various African festivals and a mask featuring feathers to embellish the faces of hunters. In designing the new stamp, an engraving technique was employed to show Africa in a more vivid manner. The new stamp is issued in the sticker type, the first in Korea to take the form of a folding fan in order to provide additional enjoyment. It is hoped that this new African Savanna Special Stamp will spark new interest in Africa’s enormous nature and aboriginal traditions, taking people one step closer to Africa.

The Inauguration of the 17th President - February 25, 2008

February 25, 2008 is a significant day of national celebration when the Honorable Lee Myung Bak is inaugurated as the 17th President of the Republic of Korea.

The new government led by President Lee Myung Bak will endeavor to serve the nation by attaining economic revival and national harmony. The new government is dedicated to taking the nation a step forward towards standing among the advanced nations of the world.

The new government led by President Lee Myung Bak aims to form a ‘practical government’ that serves the nation through hard work. Based on economic revival and national harmony, the new government is dedicated to taking the nation a step forward towards standing among the advanced nations of the world.

Korea Post issues a commemorative postage stamp reflecting the hopes of the nation that the people will strive in high spirits and that the Republic of Korea will take a great leap forward in the days of the new administration.

With ‘global Korea’ and the Korean National flag, Taegeukgi as the backdrop, the stamp shows the ‘working President’ who is endeavoring to generate future-oriented strategies for the nation’s development. And against the backdrop of a broad vision represented by the color of blue that symbolizes hope, the souvenir sheet expresses the image of the “strong Korea” that forges a quantum leap into a better future.

The commemorative stamp pack contains not only the souvenir sheet and pane but also the My Own Stamp that embodies, through 15 appealing characters, the image of a compassionate and “familiar President” who always stands for the nation’s people, as well as the First Day Cover that shows “the President who is assiduously reflecting” about the nation’s future.